FNB28 Current and Voltage Meter USB Tester QC2.0/QC3.0/FCP/SCP/AFC Fast Charging Protocol Trigger Capacity Test

FNB28 Current and Voltage Meter USB Tester QC2.0/QC3.0/FCP/SCP/AFC Fast Charging Protocol Trigger Capacity Test

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Product Description

  • Package Weight : 30.5g

  • Package Width : 3.2cm

  • Package Height : 1.2cm

  • Package Length: 6.1 cm

Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, wide application range, has a long service life.


USB2.0 color screen tester, 0.96 inch high definition IPS LCD display.

Tester is widely used in USB2.0 interface. 3C digital peripheral products quality inspection is the first choice for digital players and electronic enthusiasts.

Real-time monitoring of charging status to protect charging equipment, for charging devices such as chargers and mobile power supplies, multiple data displays on one screen to meet diverse testing needs.

Functions: screen flip, data storage, fast charge recognition, energy capacity detection / intelligent record, accuracy measurement, standby brightness, Chinese and English interface, wide voltage low internal resistance, fast charge, free drive upper machine upgrade, one-button detection fast charge protocol, QC2.0/3.0.

Functional characteristics measurement system, internal use of 12-bit ADC chip, wide voltage measurement 4~24V, large current measurement 0~5A.

Fast charge and deception wide compatibility.

3-bit accuracy measurement is more accurate.

The FNB28 uses instrument sampling circuitry internally, plus a particular accuracy algorithm to ensure product accuracy and stability at the hardware and software levels.

The charge / capacity record can be set to auto / manual mode by setting the auto record switch.

In the auto / manual two modes, the recording time can be set. For example, if it is set to 1 hour, the recording time will not be recorded after the recording time reaches 1 hour. To continue recording, clear the data.

Capacity, power record interface, through the discharge power displayed on the current interface, it is better to grasp the scope of use of the product, and it is more convenient and quick to use.


Material: ABS

Color: black

Input parameters:

VBUS input voltage: 4~>24V

Input current: 0~5.0A

D+/D- signal pin withstand voltage: 3.3V

Measurement parameters:

VBUS input voltage:

Resolution: 0.001V

Accuracy: ±(0.4%+3LSB)@25℃

Input current:

Resolution: 0.001A

Accuracy: ±(0.8%+3LSB)@25℃


Measuring range: 0~>150.00W

Resolution: 0.0001W

Load impedance: resolution: 0.0001Ω

Operating temperature range: -10~>65℃

Capacity: 0~>99999.9mAh (5 groups)

Electric quantity: 0~>9999.999Wh (5 groups)

Time: 0~>999 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds

FNB28 interface:

USB-A male (5A)

USB-A female seat (5A)

Package size: 61 * 32 * 12mm / 2.4 * 1.3 * 0.5in

Package weight: 26g / 0.9ounce


1. Please do not connect more than 24V power to the USB tester.

2. When using the fast charge trigger function, please do not connect to various USB appliances. Applying high voltage when triggering may cause the equipment to burn or even catch fire.

Package list:

1 * USB Multifunctional Tester

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